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not enough but fine

not enough but fine

From the app developer

We are aware of the crash on launch problem for some users, but we can’t fix it because it’s related to older versions of iOS. Please update to the latest version of iOS and PubMed On Tap will work as it should.

does not work on iOS 8.4

I cannot start this new version (iOS 8.4).

What possible excuse...

...Could any developer have for a essentially releasing a null version of the app?

Was Great--Now Dead

This was an exceptional app that I used constantly for work. After the update it only crashes. Wish Id read the other review first....

Update killed the app

Great app for years until latest update. When I open the app it immediately closes. Have tried re-installs and reboots but nothing works.

Limited. .. Does do complete searches

Minimal Improvement in product Does not do full searches


I didint found any article abstract name... Why didint work???

Dont buy this..

Dont waste your money on this stupid app.. All it does is link you to the actually pubmed website which you can just go on safari or Google chrome and do the same thing..

So useful!

Searches as fast if not faster than on my desktop. Excellent.

MD Ret

Good for me and like depth of reports but limited for me. Give it a 4.


This is a good app.

Good to have

Great app

Great if you have EzProxy


Nice they added an app version, but needs a bit more.

I love the web version and really like they came out with the app, but it feels like its still in beta testing and needs more features. For example, you cant filter by reviews, or filter at all for that matter. Would be nice if they added the filter and advanced search options to the app version.

Pretty good but limited sharing options on fb

I want to share this via my business page on fb but i can only share as myself. The audience option doesnt work either. Its just blank.

Works again with EZProxy

Been using this program for years and loved it until my institution "upgraded" their ezproxy login and new layers of redirect pages defeated pubmed on tap. The new version works better than ever and has great integration with other apps!

Excellent app, safari or zotero integration?

I use Zotero and would love to see the ability to save references to Zotero using the API or alternatively the ability open the reference in safari. Currently I have to copy the link manually.

Functional but not slick

Kind of hard to find my search history and there is no date of when I last ran the search.

Dr A/magid mustafa abdalla

It is a great application helped me a lot in my researches I do advise all to download it

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