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Very useful and quite well designed. I recommend !

Works well

Nice and convenient way to grab references when there is no computer available. Highly recommended. I have two requests. It would be great to have my ezproxy info stored via a cookie or something so I do have to keep on re-entering it. And sometimes, downloaded PDFs wont store.

Pretty good

Fast response from customer service. The ez proxy works well most of the time. I wish you could restrict to reviews like the real pubmed.

My most liked app

Have to say that this is a must buy for any medical professional who regularly searches pubmed. This app has made my working so efficient. Searches are very easy and I can use ezproxy to search my university account by signing on just once. Easy to store document in other programs as well as email. Recommend this app without reservation and extremely highly.

So useful!

Searches as fast if not faster than on my desktop. Excellent.

does not work on iOS 8.4

I cannot start this new version (iOS 8.4).


This is a good app.


I didint found any article abstract name... Why didint work???

not enough but fine

not enough but fine

Its always better On Tap

A very sleek and stylish app for Pubmed searches on the go.

Great app

Awesome app. If you could save the PDFs that would be huge. I would pay 5 bucks for an app that did that as well.

Very Nice App

I really like having the advanced search options, but I still cant get access to many paid full-texts that I should have institutional access to. Sometimes if I am on the campus wifi, some sites will recognize my institution, but many others will not. Anyway, this app makes searching quick and easy, and the last update was a significant improvement. I hope the developers keep it up. There is a database selection screen which leads me to believe they are planning to add more in addition to pubmed which would be nice, but might require a name change for the app. Update version 2.0: Great update! This app is now right up there with Papers, and much cheaper. Very nice job.

Awesome app

Perfect app for the busy researcher. Im an md/phd grad student currently and Ive used this app to look up and email links to articles while Im away from home to my pi or just to read up on a potential avenue for my work. Great resource for the price. At first i Didnt think Id use it as much as I do now. I know, I have no life. But Im a grad student afterall

Terrific App

Fast, easy to use. Powerful search capability and modest memory requirements.

EASE of use!

Smooth, clean interface. Powerful, smooth action. This is one of those handy tools that simply act the way they should.

Great app

As a phd candidate writting my dissertation, I can tell you this app is invaluable. Im constantly on this researching as its very friendly and easy to use. The best part is that I cam email the articles to myself or my pi, without loosing the URL. I tried the lite app and quickly realized that I needed the full version.

A great app!

It was a great app However, now, I cant search any papers. How can I fix it? Who give me the wisdom?

Terrible App

This doesnt give you access to PubMed as advertised. It seems to only pull up articles for which you will have to pay in order to get the full text. Nothin like accessing free PubMed with my laptop. I unistalled the app 10 minutes after I began using it. Wasted money.

Fantastic Helper App!

I use this app both on my iPhone and 3G iPad. The app works exactly as advertised and also interfaces very well with BookEnds, my bibliography management software. I used the ezProxy setting for my university and am able to access articles for all of the journals to which my university subscribes. Thank you for providing a great app! Thanks to both ReferencesOnTap and SonnySoftware (BookEnds) for providing excellent step-by-step instructions allowing me to start using these two tools quickly and with a minimal learning curve!

Great tool

Really nicely done!

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